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What to Expect?

Bright Carpet is a Professional Cleaning Company specializing in high quality commercial and domestic cleaning services on regular and one-off basis within Everett – Seattle – Tacoma. Why we use a NINJA Heavy Duty 12 gl Carpet Extractor from Century 400? This is the same type of unit that the professionals use and one of the best carpet cleaning machines for commercial use. It has a 200 psi pump that sprays water into the carpet and two each vacuum motors to suck the water back out. It is also great for rugs and it comes with the extractor, a 25' solution hose, a 25' recovery hose and a dual jet S bend stainless steel wand.

Upholstery Cleaning

With Bright Carpet, you will not only enjoy a clean fresh office and/or house without all the hard work; you can also have the added benefit of a dedicated cleaner who will learn your specific requirements. You will be able to relax in the knowledge that our cleaners will clean your property just the way you like it. Planet Guard Carpet Cleaner/Rinse Professional Cleaning in Seattle, Tacoma, Everett Planet Guard Carpet Cleaner and Rinse is 100% detergent free. No soaps, surfactants, synthetic chemistries, dyes or perfume - just clean carpet! Planet Guard Carpet Cleaner and Rinse's self-neutralizing formulation leaves carpets clean and bright without the use of detergents or other synthetic chemistry. The unique formulation emulsifies organic-based oils quickly. CCR is the perfect rinse aid to neutralize and remove alkali or acid residues from carpets and upholstery. 100% detergent free Neutralizes and removes alkali and acid residues pH: 9.5 Safe for stain-resistant carpets

Matrix Impact Detergent

Heavily trafficked commercial carpeting takes a lot of abuse. The level of ground-in, greasy soils is often far worse than what you’d find in residential carpet. Without the right chemistry, these heavy, greasy soils can be extremely difficult to remove. When faced with tough commercial cleaning challenges, reach for Matrix Impact. This powerful detergent was specifically designed to cut through the dirt and get a deep-down clean. In fact, this high-pH detergent contains special additives that promote in-depth penetration so you can easily and thoroughly flush away the heaviest oil- and water-based soil. In fact, Impact’s formula is so effective, it removes difficult stains normal detergents cannot touch. Plus, Impact’s special blend of grease cutting agents will dramatically improve the appearance of commercial carpets – something your customers will really love. pH: 12.6-13.3

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