Every home owner has furnished their homes with carpets, rugs and upholstery and wants to keep them in good condition in order to be able to feel their comfort and good looks as long as possible. It is out of doubt that regular professional cleaning is the absolute necessity should you need to extend the life of your fabric interior items and to benefit your investment over longer time. It is equally important that your carpets, curtains, rugs and upholstery are treated timely with professional protector solutions. Do not let an accidental spill of coffee, tea, wine or other ruin your valuable items. Call us to receive our free personalized offer for your needs and you can stop worrying about such minor incidents. 

As professional cleaners, we have professional solution to each specific problem. Our teams have all the proper qualification and vast experience and will not only do the job, but will take their time to study your case and then, to advise the best practice needed to take care of your interior fabrics. To get you know more on this topic, below we are listing the main info on our fabric protection care.

Applying the Protector can:

Help by keeping dirt closer to the surface of the Fibers and avoid the abrasive action of dust and grit that causes premature wear. Having the protector reapplied helps slow down the formation of traffic patterns by allowing you to get more dirt out of your carpet with your vacuum cleaner. Help protect against both Oil and Water Based Stains. Protect your carpets, upholstery and furnishings against Moth damage. 

Protect carpets & upholstery from Static electricity, caused by the electrical charges build up inside in any furnishings and carpets. Asthma and Allergy Protection Treatment. We use the Protector because it is an excellent means that delays the time in which a damaging stain can form. The reason it is possible is that it helps create a coating onto the carpet or upholstery fibers to repel water, oil and soil. If your interior fabric are treated this way, you will be able to easily clean them during your regular cleanings but will also enhance spot removal practices. Carpet protectors are basically of Two Types: 1. Soil retardants: which prevent soil from building up in the piles 2. Stain repellents: which provide protection from liquid spills 
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