Rug Cleaning

Bright Carpet knows how you cherish you Oriental or area rug. Whether you have had some good time choosing it, or you were at distant lands and it is now a valuable memory to you and probably your loved ones, or it happens to be a present from someone you are close to – it always makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and think about positive things. Such items, unlike a memento is not kept in a box or chest. It is displayed in your room and with the time has become a part of your environment – a nice piece of decoration too. 

Much is invested in it – usually such rugs are Handmade Originals and they have financial value that increases with the time. A warm memory, a big investment …you certainly want to take special care of such items. Here is where we come into the picture – the reliable professional cleaner to take the care that would best preserve and upkeep your rug depending on its Design and Fabric. We know what technology and specifically designed equipment to apply in your specific case so that it gets gentle and most effective care. Miracles don’t just happen – a man has to make efforts to see one. This is what we do – we help you see the miraculous side of your rug. 

Our trained and qualified technicians shall make a quick observation of the given piece and shall determine the most efficient and mild method to clean, sanitize and get the glowing colors back to your rug. We all know that every textile collects germs, dust and dirt which endanger our health. Simple household means such as vacuum cleaning and airing can not guarantee the perfect cleanliness of your carpet or rug.


Cleaning Techniques

Bright Carpet in Seattle applies different methods, dry cleaning being among them and you will get the one that would give the best result. We employ Different Methods, such as: Rug cleaning by hand Rug cleaning with shampoo Rug steam cleaning Leave this to us – you will be delighted with the result. Our offers are personalized and our services are reasonable priced. 
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